> First question (an admittedly ignorant one, but I haven't spent much time in 
> the CentOS community):  Why does their package manager not automatically keep 
> system components current?

CentOS 6 is not the latest version (and will be unsupported from 2020), so I 
guess there are dependencies that require moving to CentOS 7 for more recent 

> Second question: If the first question cannot be resolved easily, what is the 
> advantage of CentOS for this project over Ubuntu or Debian?

Convenience - it just happens to be the OS of the VPS hosting a Wordpress 
website, with capacity & a wildcard SSL certificate on the domain, where I was 
thinking about using LC to add some web services in a subdomain. 

Apparently the VPS can be destroyed and recreated on CentOS 7 but I have no 
confidence I can ensure any backup of the existing config & services will 
magically come back to life on CentOS 7 core seamlessly.


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