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Read through this whole thread, optimistic that I'd find the list of
things that differentiate v6 and v9 so we can hone in on actual

I learned two things:

 - lock/unlock changed

Except it hasn't - lock/unlock screen work the same as they always have - they nest.

Differences since 5 however, include:

  - rendering was changed to use Skia
- support for Retina displays was added (4x as many pixels to render on more modern Macs) - screen updates only happen once per command execution and only if necessary (if the screen is unlocked)

As suggested in another post, I suspect Malte's speed difference was actually caused by over-unlocking (or interaction with a slightly wrong IDE script in the 5 IDE - assuming he was timing in the IDE) and the fact that Retina macs have 4x as many pixels to render (5.x did not do Retina resolution). Of course, the latter is making the assumption that Malte has a Retina mac...

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