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So what I can't confirm is whether PR6671 has been implemented into a
current version of LC9, but what I will say is this, if it hasn't then
Malte can look forward to an eventual speed improvement in large Array
operations as Mark Wa has already identified this problem and is
working on a fix.  If it has been implemented then Malte needs to take
a look at Mark Wa examples and see where he can use some of Mark Wa's
good code to replace his own poorly performing code.

It hasn't as yet - that PR (https://github.com/livecode/livecode/pull/6671) has actually turned into a mini-grab bag of things which need to be separated out slightly:

- reduction of memory usage of the 'handle' structures used to hold values (particularly on 64-bit)
  - faster processing of integer index access in arrays
  - faster short-path array access (both storing and fetching)
- 'static' switch optimization (switches with all literal cases are now constant time and not linear in the number of cases) - params(<n>[, <m>) which returns an numeric array of parameters <n> up to <m>
  - sequence and array literals
- a try(expr, error-expr) function (evaluates error-expr as the result if expr throws)
  - array meta-indexing (tArray[first], tArray[last], tArray[next])

The only one which is unlikely to survive is the meta-indexing as (1) they don't quite work correctly and (2) Monte had a better suggestion which I've not had a chance to implement.

It also contains benchmarks derived from my talk at LCG on optimization, and Curry's which he posted a while back.

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