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> > Jason 

> Well, that sums it up nicely, good work m8!   : D
> Zaug
> P.S. Nah, you can stay  ; )
> My love of the  halfling's leaf has clearly slowed my mind.
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Inspiring words from one of the 'Dubie' Brothers :

  I remember a day when list sharing was monumental , when
there was so much sharing the list actually 'split' into
a specific catagory .

  Has the time come to start to think about what is good
and what is not good for this list , perhaps ?

  No , not even close . This list is nothing . Anyone can
subscribe . Anyone can attempt to set the pace here and
lately the pace is absurdly slow .

  The first thing 'real' Realsoft3D lovers must come to
understand is that the list is nothing but garbage !

  Yep , you read that right ... the list is garbage ! It's
venting , and bullcrap and very little info , and the info
that is sparingly shared will disappear forever into the
void .

  The whole Realsoft3D community actually centers around
web sites similiar to what 'Bore-Us John' have created .

  IRC is another true wealth of info . Of course Robert
denbroeder has attempted to create an all in one RS3D web
site where even inside beta-testing info can be had , and
maybe this is the one true RS3D information site , but
Robert d. only has so much time ...

  Satu helped to create yet another RS3D site that may
have been the 'be-all-and-end-all' of RS3D sites , but
somehow that site did not actually emerge as was antic-
ipated , and Satu retired from the RS family in order
to spend more time with her own family .

  Then came the Wiki , which turned out to be just an-
other version of the mailing list . Crucial info could
be easily added and just as easily subtracted by any-
RS hating clown who happened to wander in ...

  HTML tutorials are all that actually count .

  "Here, lick my renders" are nothing more or less than
meaningless egotisticall crap that people like Gay-son
Saunters have been flaunting for years and years . 


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