> Man,
> This list has sunk sow low....
> The lowest of low..
> R

Ya , but where have you been ? :

  Haven't you been one of those people who have promised
all kinds of tutorials but have never actually delivered
even a single ounce of usefull information? Of course not .

  Yep , you are a mailing list garbage person .

  You comment once and a while , but do not provide even
a single morsel of usefullness , although you obviously
promise otherwise , endlessly .

So who are you ?
Where did you come from ?
What are your true intensions ?
What have you given the community ?

 Examine this logical equation (below) :

A)  (If) The mailing list is nothing but a place for people
    like yourself to throw garbage (like your above
    comments) .

B) (And If) The only place the Realsoft3D community has any
    kind of interaction with you is this mailing list .

C) (Then)  You are nothing but garbage .

D) Time for you and your clown buddies to go Fluk
   themselves .

E) Contribute or Fluk Off !

F) Time to determine who is for the RS3D community and
   and who is for the Maya/Max/LW community .

G) That can only be determined by the amount of effort
   that has been applied toward advanced HTML tutorials .

  We know Robert and Bore-us John are all for RS3D , but
what about the rest of you that contribute nothing , ex-
cept your useless promises and critiques ...

   That's correct ! You are against . You have nothing to
offer except shallow promises that never happen , of
course .

  You are not of the community and have no intentions of
becoming part of the RS3D user base . You are garbage .

  So now we may look at Swanson Swinders and ask "who's
side is she on ?" Who knows ? She only contributes to
the garbage list ... no tutorials ... no textures ...
no contibutions except "lick my renders" .

   I'm eager to hear your pansy rebuttal . (Please do
forgive this mail if you're finally dead) .


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