> You have a point Gary, we should, if we can, put as much possible to advance
> the community. But it's not an obligation .

Not an obligation ? Hmmm ... 

  Do you not feel an obligation of some small amount toward
the society that you live in ? I dare you to say "no" .

  If you are a 'Leader' in the society that you live in ,
how can you not contribute ? In my mind , if you are of
the 'Leader' status in your society , then you _must_
contribute !

  However , in the RS3D society , leaders show awesome
works without direction on how the rest of us may follow .

  Why ? Because the last thing they want is for us to
follow ... and pass them easily ! It's the same all
over the world . Those on the inside track certainly
do not want to share the knowledge that they have
gained via their gravitational interactions .

  Of course , what comes around goes around , and that
can be a bitch . Always-always-always there will be
those that are hoar-ders and all 'the rest of us' can
do is point them out whenever we have the opportunity .

> And for the wide variety of subjects and opinions on this
> list : It's a free bonus.

  This list is like an X-Box or Playstation Game to many .
Another diversion is all .

I say it 'till I'm Blue In The Face ;

Concrete Contribution is all that matters ...

Jump on IRC and you will meet all kinds of people who
are willing to help you .

You say RS3D is too slow but did you ever contact Vesa
of Juha and ask them directly ?

Robert d. and bore,us J are solid contributers but most
are just lazy people looking to kill time at work via
the RS3D list .

Spew to the list ... who cares , it will all be washed
away tomorrow , as everything that is posted to this
list inevitably is (no one seems to get it[bizzare]) .

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