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Can anyone confirm on whether (s)he can use Audio with Hyper-V? then I would 
conclude it could be my extension or setup and am wondering how to best debug 


If you're referring to a Guacamole extension, that subsystem is independent of 
the handling of audio. Your extension cannot be a cause.

Or can anyone confirm lack of Audio as well, indicating it might be an issue 
with guacamole?


Audio is a fairly fundamental feature within Guacamole that has been working 
for both RDP and VNC for some time. While it's not impossible that there is a 
bug here, it is very unlikely. [1]


Googling around regarding Hyper-V and audio, I find varying references to the 
level of support, with some stating that audio is not supported, while others 
state that audio requires some specific edition/version. Assuming that audio is 
indeed supported by Hyper-V, it's unclear whether it actually uses the audio 
aspect of RDP (the RDPSND channel) to provide this.


Can anyone confirm whether Hyper-V supports audio for RDP connections to the 
hypervisor? (For remote connections, that is, not connections via a tool 
running on the same local machine as Hyper-V itself.)

In all my experiments, using VMConnect (on Win10 Pro) connecting to Hyper-V 
(also on Win10Pro), Audio was working. Contrary, in none of my eperiments Audio 
was working with Chrome as browser and Guacamole as Gateway.


- Mike


[1] http://guacamole.apache.org/faq/#probably-not-a-bug

That helped somewhat! Syslog showed

Mar 13 21:44:34 ubuntu guacd[34423]: Failed to load guacdr plugin. Drive 
redirection and printing will not work. Sound MAY not work.

Mar 13 21:44:34 ubuntu guacd[34423]: Failed to load guacsnd alongside guacdr 
plugin. Sound will not work. Drive redirection and printing MAY not work.

Googling for that got me to:


as one directory was missing I did a 

ln -s /usr/local/lib/freerdp /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/freerdp

and after that got

Mar 13 21:58:03 ubuntu guacd[34679]: guacsnd connected.

Mar 13 21:58:03 ubuntu guacd[34679]: guacdr connected.

In syslog.


Unfortunately sound is still not working and the virtual OS (still) indicates 
this with audio crossed out (“No Audio Output Device is installed”).

What to check next?

Thanks, Joachim


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