On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 2:16 PM, Joachim Lindenberg <joac...@lindenberg.one>

> ...
> In all my experiments, using VMConnect (on Win10 Pro) connecting to
> Hyper-V (also on Win10Pro), Audio was working.

Can you please confirm that:

1) You are connecting remotely (you are not trying to access the VM from
the same machine running Hyper-V).
2) Connecting remotely via some other RDP client also provides audio (not
Guacamole and not a client specific to Hyper-V like VMConnect).

I'm trying to eliminate the possibility that audio for Hyper-V only uses
RDP for the remote display (and deals with audio only by directly accessing
the local sound card). Assuming it does leverage RDP for both graphics and
audio, I would then like to make sure that this is not driven by some
feature specific to Hyper-V which does not leverage the standard RDPSND
channel normally used for audio.

- Mike

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