Hello Everyone, 

First of all, Great respect for Mike Jumper and for all of those who are 
behind this amazing software particularly when you think of the complexity 
of this project: from guacd service, guacamole web app and several 
authentication extensions. 

Second, I just read that version 1.x.x is going to be released and look 
forward to it. 

Now, to my trivial questions: 

I have installed the guacamole-auth-json authentication extension. I have 
tested it and gotten the right output as indicated in the README.md file of 
the source code of this extension as shown below. The message is dencrypted 
and verified and hence the authToken is generated and returned. 

{ "username" : "USER200",
    "expires" : "1524000000000",
    "connections" : {

json-secret-key: c2094ccb11ef2c5cbdc148979f5551cd

curl --data-urlencode


1 --- How do I use the above token to login automatically similar to the 
normal way of specifying the username and password as shown below to 
login automatically? 


2 --- Also, It seems  that whenever I add/specify a password using 
"password" name parameter in the JSON data, guacamole does not return a 
valid token(tried this several times). So why is that? And actually in the 
README.md example, the password keyword is not used which I believe is 
essential for automatic login mechanism mentioned above. 

3 ---- How should I configure guacamole to accept ONLY JSON encrypted and 
hashed messages for login mechanism and reject login messages that are not 
encrypted and hashed? Because I can still login normally even after 
configuring guacamole to use JSON Secret Key(json-secret-key: 

I am assuming the following order of operation; it would be great if someone
can confirm/correct since this is crucial to understand the whole process.

Message is received ---> Message is dencrypted and hash is verified
---->JSON data is parsed/extracted -----> username and password is passed to
the authentication provider extension and is compared against
database/user-mapping.xml/others ----> once authenticated,
guacamole-auth-json extension will generate token and forward it back to the

Thank you all 

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