Yes, SELECT * FROM cache; will cause problems for you, unless you are using
lazy=true, which isn't default.

However, if you're using lazy=true, you should probably search for memory
leaks in your own code (such as trying to keep all results in memory at the
same time instead of iterating).


Ilya Kasnacheev

2018-05-17 17:24 GMT+03:00 engrdean <engrd...@gmail.com>:

> The query is just:
> select * from table1;
> My understanding was that 'lazy=false' is the default.  Regardless of
> whether I set 'lazy=true' or explicitly set 'lazy=false'  in my jdbc driver
> settings then I see the same behavior:
> Terminating due to java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
> It wasn't clear to me in the documentation, but I thought that off heap
> memory is used unless you explicitly tell ignite to use on heap caching.
> Am
> I confusing two different memory usages?
> I understand that a 'select *...' is not going to be a practical query in
> most cases and won't take advantage of any indexing, but the purpose of my
> asking is to understand how Ignite utilizes its memory when responding to
> queries.  Even if I'm not trying to pull back a full result set, I can
> still
> think of lots of situations where the query results (especially with
> concurrent queries) will exceed the available heap space.
> I'm happy to share additional configuration information that will help and
> I
> really appreciate any feedback.  I have to believe that there is a way to
> deal with this problem (probably something simple) that I'm just missing.
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