Thanks Ilya, but I don't have any code running on the Ignite servers other
than the Ignite process.  I am connecting with the SQL client DBeaver to run
my query and running DBeaver on a separate machine.

Are there any adjustments I can make on the Ignite server to insure that an
arbitrary user query can't crash the server?

Alternatively, is there anything I can do to get Ignite to store the result
set off heap?  I am no where near exhausting the overall memory on the
servers, just the java heap memory.

I have already implemented all of the memory tuning recommendations in the
latest Ignite docs but that did not seem to help.  Right now I have 10GB of
memory allocated for heap space out of the 64GB available on the server.

ilya.kasnacheev wrote
> Hello!
> Yes, SELECT * FROM cache; will cause problems for you, unless you are
> using
> lazy=true, which isn't default.
> However, if you're using lazy=true, you should probably search for memory
> leaks in your own code (such as trying to keep all results in memory at
> the
> same time instead of iterating).
> Regards,
> -- 
> Ilya Kasnacheev

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