Hi Asanka,

You may need to take a step back - do you have a secondary storage VM up and 
running (you'll find that under instrastructure -> System VMs).
If you do, then you should log into the secondary storage VM that you have 
running and run the command Makrand suggested.

If you do not, then you'd need to look further into the logs to discover why 

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Paul Angus

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Secondary storage is mounted in <mount path> (normally /mnt/secondary) on the 
management server. If it is appearing zero, ACS management may not see be able 
see the NFS. Can you paste df -h output from management server CLI?

Check if your SSVM is running properly by running 
​. ​

Sometimes reboot/recreating SSVM solves issues with sec storage.


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 12:14 PM, Asanka Gunasekara <asa...@nimbus.lk> wrote:

> Hi, I am setting up a test platform CloudStack 4.9 and intigrate with 
> Vmware. All things was fine till I dashboard it shows the capacity of 
> Secondary storage as 0.00Kb/0.00Kb. When I try to register a ISO logs 
> shows "Image store doesn't has enough capacity, so skip downloading 
> template to this image store 1" message
> # df -h  gives me below output where the nfs share is located
> /dev/xvdb1            50G  6.6G   41G  15% /share
> Can any one let me know what is going on, I have tried adding NFS as 
> well as samba all shows 0/0Kb.
> NFS is running on a different server, I can manual mount this share as 
> NFS and SMB Cloud stack - 4.9 Os is Centos 7 (64)
> I am sorry for the duble post as I was registered under an alious 
> (preciously my mail)
> Thanks and Regards

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