> On Aug 7, 2017, at 23:44, Asanka Gunasekara <asa...@nimbus.lk> wrote:
> NFS is running on a different server, I can manual mount this share as NFS
> and SMB
> Cloud stack - 4.9
> Os is Centos 7 (64)

* Make sure that it's accessible from the *storage* network (the network that 
you configured as storage when you created the zone, assuming you selected 
advanced networking). 
* Is the secondary storage virtual machine up and running? Check your 
Infrastructure tab.
* If the secondary storage virtual machine is up and running, open its console 
and log in as root / password. Then check 'ip addr list' to make sure that it 
has IP addresses.
* If it has IP addresses, try pinging your secondary storage NFS server (still 
within the SSVM).
* If you can ping your secondary storage NFS server, try mounting the NFS share 
at some random place in your filesystem to make sure you can mount it from the 
SSVM. e.g., 'mkdir /tmp/t; mount myserver:/export/secstorage /tmp/t' 
* Make sure you're using the NFS server's *storage* network IP address when you 
make this attempt.

It is possible that your NFS server has a firewall configured? But from my 
experiments, the secondary storage VM not providing secondary storage usually 
is a networking problem, things not set up properly in your zone's networking 
so that the secondary storage VM can't reach the secondary storage. Are you 
using advanced networking, or basic networking?

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