Le 22/09/16 à 10:42, Doan Tin Nghia a écrit :
> Thanks. I need it for paging (same issue like
> https://sourceforge.net/p/ldap-sdk/mailman/message/29370418/)

Ok, but let me ask you aain : why do you technically need to know how
many entries you will get ?

This information is totally spurious, unless you want to tell your
client "you are going to get 1 238 654 entries".

Most of the time, and I saw that many, many times by people trying to
implemented an web page with back and forth buttons, the answer is "But,
but, but, I *NEED* to know how many elements I wil get in order to
correctly design my web page, otehrwise I will not be able to know if I
will have a next page !!!". This is typically wrong. If you decide to
show N elements in one page, and have a Next button, then just poll 2xN
elements from the backend, and if you get more than N elements, you know
that you will have a Next button.

FTR, those using a RDBMS are frequently doing a selectcount(*) before
doing the real select for the exact same reason, and this is STUPID :
they are doing the exact same request *TWICE*, overloading teh server.
Be smart.

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