Makes sense, thanks for the explanation. But for smaller directories where we know there aren't large volumes of entries (say, less than 1000 objects) and we want to do this operation, it should be possible, so long as we understand the risks and monitor the performance. Does ADS have the capability?


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Le 22/09/16 à 14:44, Richard Sand a écrit :
 Ok so basically do not pre-populate the number of pages.

 I guess applications that do this are backed by an RDBMS not an LDAP?
That is the exact same problem witha RDBMS, as I said in a previous

In order to know how much elements you will get in a RDBMS, you have to
compte a SELECT count(*)... beforehand, and then do your SELECT. In
otehr words, you do the request twice, doubling the server's CPU usage :/

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