Le 22/09/16 à 16:28, Richard Sand a écrit :
> Makes sense, thanks for the explanation. But for smaller directories
> where we know there aren't large volumes of entries (say, less than
> 1000 objects) and we want to do this operation, it should be possible,
> so long as we understand the risks and monitor the performance. Does
> ADS have the capability?

No, it desn't.

As I have explained in a previous response, having it implemented in the
core server would make it expensive. The oly possible route would be to
add an interceptor that do the job, but again, teh price is high : you
will have to keep all the results in memory, or do the request twice.

The reason is that we don't pull entries when we process a request : we
pull candidates (ie, entry's ID) and we evaluate those candidates *just*
before sending them to the client, and wait for the client to have read
them before processing the next entry (there is a technical reason for
us to do so, but it would take too long for me to explain it here, but
trst me on that : this is the way to go).

Bottom line, we wil discard some of the candidates, and return some
other. It's impossible to know how may entries will be returned unless
we have processed all the candidates, and processing all the candidates
eitehr takes time, or memory...

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