I tried to comment on your Patreon post, but Patreon is not letting me login in 
for some reason.

It looks really good! Big improvement!

The help tip to add imports is really helpful as well!

Thanks for your great work!


On Dec 1, 2016, at 12:10 AM, Josh Tynjala <joshtynj...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, Flex community!
> A couple of months ago, I introduced a new extension for the Visual Studio
> Code text editor that adds language support for ActionScript. The extension
> includes tons of code intelligence features for ActionScript, like
> IntelliSense, find all references, goto definition, variable renaming, and
> more.
> I didn't officially announce the project to the Apache Flex community right
> away because, at the time, the extension only supported ActionScript, and I
> hadn't started yet on MXML features. As we all know, MXML is pretty vital
> for Flex applications!
> Today, I'm happy to announce that the newest version of the NextGen
> ActionScript extension for Visual Studio Code includes all the same great
> features for MXML. You can install the extension right inside Visual Studio
> Code. Simply search for "NextGen ActionScript" in the Extensions view.
> For more information about the NextGenAS extension, visit the website:
> https://nextgenactionscript.com/vscode/
> For instructions about how to create a new project, set up the compiler,
> and even debug Apache FlexJS apps in a web browser, visit the Github wiki:
> https://github.com/BowlerHatLLC/vscode-nextgenas/wiki
> With the community's help, I can continue working on useful developer tools
> for ActionScript and MXML. Please join my Patreon campaign to lend a hand!
> https://www.patreon.com/josht
> Thank you, and happy coding!
> Josh Tynjala
> NextGen ActionScript
> Note: I am an Apache Flex committer and PMC member, but this VSCode
> extension is not an Apache project. Today, I am simply posting as a member
> of the community who wants to share a cool, independent project that others
> might enjoy.

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