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> Hello,
> As Adobe announced EOL for the flash runtime, I’m currently investigating
> about alternative solutions for web application development. So far Angular
> 2/TypeScript and FlexJS caught my attention.
> I just went trough a few examples provided in the sdk and also read key
> articles of the FlexJS wiki.
> Although the beads concept is new, a lot of things looks familiar for a Flex
> developer.
> I have several questions regarding FlexJS : 
> - How modularity is managed in FlexJS, is there an equivalent of the Flex
> module ?

Currently modules are not supported very well (if at all).

> - Our previous app architecture rely heavily on dependency injection and
> managed commands using the Parsley framework. Is there a way to achieve DI
> in FlexJS ? 

I’m not familiar with Parsley. Maybe someone who is can better comment. We use 
PureMVC and that simply worked with no modifications.

> - The compilation process of the HelloWord sample application takes an
> average of 7 s on my computer (4 GHz core i7 Imac). Do you know if the
> compilation duration increase a lot with application size ?

It depends how much you compile. I have a very large app (hundreds of thousands 
of lines) and a debug build for JS compiles in between 10 and 20 seconds. A 
release build which runs the GCC minifier takes about a minute and a half.

> - What is the level of consistency of the views rendering across browsers ?

In my experience very good.

> - Has anyone got metrics regarding performance on mobile ? Does it seem
> realistic to have a unique code base for an application using the js output
> for the web and the the swf on mobile using AIR ?

I don’t have metrics on that, but FlexJS has a strong focus on performance. 
Having dual output including AIR is definitely possible, but there are still 
some visual differences between the platforms. We have more work to do in that 

> - Our applications use TLF heavily (drop/down of components inside text
> using InlineGraphicElement), I read that Harbs has port the TLF framework to
> FlexJS but I’m not sure that all TLF capabilities are available, is it the
> case ?  

TLF works (surprisingly well), but the text engine included alongside it is 
VERY limited. I have developed my own text engine to replace FTE. We might 
consider licensing our engine depending on various factors. If that’s something 
that you might be interested in, you can contact me privately.

If you are only using TLF for displaying images inline with text, there are 
probably other options in FlexJS. I would not use TLF for that in FlexJS (on 
the JS side). It’s serious overkill.

> I would be very interested in reading others experience with FlexJS.
> Thank you.
> Vincent.
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