Hi Vincent,

The only reason there aren't modules in FlexJS is because nobody "had to
have them" yet.  If you need them, we can probably produce a rough
equivalent of modules, but they will not unload.  Unloadable modules will
be a lot of work.

Note that FlexJS output should be much smaller than regular Flex, and
startup time has been better than regular Flex at least for the smaller
apps so your concern #3 may not be as much of a factor.

Regarding skinning, just like modules, we don't have a component set that
offers the same kind of skinning as regular Flex because nobody "had to
have it" yet.  Instead, there are different component sets that offer the
use of Material Design Lite or Jquery which have their own mechanism for
visual customization and you might find that MDL gives you a more current
look for your app.  Many Flex apps have been around for many years and
could use a upgrade in the UI.

There is discussion about a new default look for FlexJS as well, and it
will likely have some sort of customization options.

How many modules do you currently have?


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>Hello harbs and Piotrz,
>=> The main goals of using modules in our workflow are in order of
>1 - reduce compilation duration
>2 - obtaining a clear separation of code
>3 - reduce application loading time for users
>1 is very important in our case, if we compile all module at the same
>it takes more that one minute to the compiler to build the project in
>Does the flexJS compiler rebuild the entire project every time it is
>executed ? 
>=> I don’t think that we could get some of the features of our apps
>TLF. Here is a  quick video
>showing 2 examples of our use of TLF.
>==> Regarding DI, I’m very used to Parsley, it’s a fantastic iOc framework
>but I could switch to pureMVC. Piotrz, are you referring to specific flash
>APIs when you say « Does core sources of Parsley which you are using has
>dependency to Flash ? ». I believe it’s pure AS3, DI can be performed in
>or using metadata Tags  when used with Flex, this is the way I use it
>because it makes the source code very clean.
>==> A post on the dev list refers to AMF. Having AMF working in FlexJS
>be a huge time saving for us.
>==> I can’t find any documentation about component skinning in FlexJS, is
>there any existing content related to this topic on the wiki or elsewhere
>Thank you.
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