As Adobe announced EOL for the flash runtime, I’m currently investigating
about alternative solutions for web application development. So far Angular
2/TypeScript and FlexJS caught my attention.

I just went trough a few examples provided in the sdk and also read key
articles of the FlexJS wiki.
Although the beads concept is new, a lot of things looks familiar for a Flex

I have several questions regarding FlexJS : 

- How modularity is managed in FlexJS, is there an equivalent of the Flex
module ?

- Our previous app architecture rely heavily on dependency injection and
managed commands using the Parsley framework. Is there a way to achieve DI
in FlexJS ? 

- The compilation process of the HelloWord sample application takes an
average of 7 s on my computer (4 GHz core i7 Imac). Do you know if the
compilation duration increase a lot with application size ?

- What is the level of consistency of the views rendering across browsers ?

- Has anyone got metrics regarding performance on mobile ? Does it seem
realistic to have a unique code base for an application using the js output
for the web and the the swf on mobile using AIR ?

- Our applications use TLF heavily (drop/down of components inside text
using InlineGraphicElement), I read that Harbs has port the TLF framework to
FlexJS but I’m not sure that all TLF capabilities are available, is it the
case ?  

I would be very interested in reading others experience with FlexJS.
Thank you.


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