When switching from one program to another, you'll have problems ...
... ...
          LO is compatible when others cooperate ... MsFt does not believe
in compatibility since they want all to use their products - ditto with
Apple's products although not to the same degree,

          see interspersed below for possible helps,

From: Hunter Johnson <hunter...@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 7:35 PM
Subject: [libreoffice-users] Libra Office and MS Word compatibility query
To: users@global.libreoffice.org


I have a question about LIbreOffice- I am sorry if this is not the right
venue for it, but can’t find anything else on your website.

   [you've come to the right place for help]

My friend collaborates with others/ edits MS Word documents on her iMac
using the Apple Pages software (she does not own MS Word).

   [MsFt word documents on a Mac machine will not appear the same as the

After she edits it in Pages, she sends it back to the others in MS Word
format, but Pages does something to it and it never looks right when the MS
Word users get the document back from her.

   [it's actually still in Mac form]

Can LibreOffice both receive, edit and send MS Word formatted files -
possibly with .doc and .docx extensions, with no glitches, so that someone
using MS Word can then work with it with no problems ?

   [the difference(s) may differ but there will be differences since the
craziness of MsFt's product has been eliminated & not replaced.]

If you can direct me to any further discussions on this, I will be most

   [start using LO full time & spread the word that it's by far the most
compatible, easiest to use, ... ... ...]

Thank you,


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