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>> It seems I can serve index.html OR index.php, but not both at the same
>>> time (depending on the URL entered into the web-browser's URL bar).
>> Surely I'm not the only person to ever want to do this? Surely this is not
>> that difficult of a task?
> It is not.

And yet, no one's been able to tell me how to do it. Nor does Google seem
to have the answer (although the flaw may be in my google-fu, not in the
actual lack of an answer).

> Just need to learn more: set-up and monitor a server is not
> a birth gift but it's possible by yourself (see below).
Well, instead of becoming more of an expert than the experts I asked, I had
hoped the experts I asked could tell me how to do it.

I understand that setting up/monitoring a server is not a birth gift, and I
hope I haven't left that impression. If so, I apologize. On the other hand,
does running a mom&pop web-site require a full-time professional career

> cp /etc/wordpress/config-sitename.org /etc/wordpress/
>> config-beta.sitename.orgIs it the real address in your system tree ?
> Depending your system, those public files should be
> in /var/www/ or /srv/www or something like this.
> /etc/ is reserved to all conf files.

This is the way Debian does it; as I understand it, this file *is* a conf
file, and not a public file.

No, "sitename" is not the real address.

> But when I go any deeper than the front page, it redirects back to
>> index.html, just like it did when I did the much simpler "index1.php"
>> method earlier. Bummer.
> Commenting all rewrite rules is a good test, but it's probably better
> to try this 1st:
> Modify your WP conf here -> https://domain.tld/wp-admin/op
> tions-general.php
>   { WordPress Address (URL), Site Address (URL) }¹
> Beside of it, it can need 24-48h to complete DNS propagation around
> the world.

Ha! You're a genius! You're the expert with the answer!

To sum up:

I changed my DNS settings with my domain registrar to include "beta." at
the front of my domain name, so that I can browse to either sitename.org or

I made a couple of config changes to the /etc/wordpress and
/etc/apache2/sites-* dirs (documented earlier in this thread).

I went to sitename.org/wp-admin/options-general.php and added "beta." to
the Wordpress URL and the site URL fields.

I added a link to index.html pointing to beta.sitename.org/index.php.

Now I can browse to index.html, and then click on the link to go to the
beta site.

Thanks to you, and to all who responded!

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