On 03/14/18 04:44, Stephen Morris wrote:
> I'm now completely confused. The command du -abh /home/steve/workspace is now
> displaying the information directories beginning with a '.' and at least some 
> files
> beginning with a '.' without having issued the shopt command.

The command you're showing DOES NOT do pattern matching!

du -abh /home/steve/workspace


du -abh /home/steve/workspace/*

The later command is basically creating a list of files (a shell function) and 
a "du" on each file individually.

Notice that if you use that command you don't get a summary of what is in the
workspace directory.  Also, note that the later command creates a sorted list.

You are mixing functions of the bash shell and the command being run within the 

Conjecture is just a conclusion based on incomplete information. It isn't a 

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