On 03/14/18 08:20, jdow wrote:
> "ls .?*" is another "ls -A" equivalent.

Hummm.....   Not really?   Since .. is matched and depending on where you are 
in the
file system you may encounter this....

[egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ ls -A
.hidden  stuff  test  test1  test2

[egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ ls .?*
20180309_213210.mp4  GPS         m_g-large.jpg    Pictures-silly  US-Taxes
CDC_Retirement.odt   home.ovpn   NYE              Rachel          wall
DSCOVR               ironsocket  personal         Taiwan-Tax      Weather
DS-Reports           keys        Pictures-meimei  test-dir
Garmin               manuals     Pictures-misty   Trips


> Hidden files or directories are hidden. What part of that are some people 
> missing.
> You have to tell the system to expose those "hidden" items for many 
> operations such
> as listing files, which this abuse of "du" is showing. (Isn't "ls -l" 
> simpler? I
> alias that to "ll" and "lla" is "ls -lA".
> This thread is amusing and bemusing for the willful disregard for standard 'ix
> behavior since virtually the beginning of 'ix time.

Could it be that some of the posters haven't been around as long as others?  
:-) :-)

Conjecture is just a conclusion based on incomplete information. It isn't a 

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