Struts uses svn externals to place /struts/build/trunk under each
other sub-project, such as core.  (Then a 'current' external to make
it possible to check out all the sub-projects at once.)

The result is a structure like this:

Where those two build directories contain the exact same files.

With m1 and the reactor, you could run from current/build/ using

maven.multiproject.basedir  = ../
maven.multiproject.includes = */project.xml
maven.multiproject.excludes = build/*


              goals="dist" />

Then each of the project.xml files extends the project.xml *below* it
in the svn external build directory:


In m2 it seems I can't have it both ways... build from the top and
extend beneath using the same parent pom in multiple places.

The goal is to be able to check out and build a single sub-project.

I'll spare you my wild guesses at how to make this work and just ask
for advice.  Can it be done, or will the sub-project poms have to
<extend>../build/pom.xml</extend> ?  (Or should it be done some other


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