On 2011-04-18, at 11:55, Paul Bagyenda wrote:

> I don't think there is a "secret". Receipt of the notification is *purely* 
> via SMS. Which means that Mbuni hasn't even kicked in yet. Basically MMS 
> reception at the network works like this: The operator MMSC checks (HLR, 
> whatever) if receiving subscriber's device is MMS-capable.  If not, 
> subscriber receive SMS (as you have done). This is the important bit. 
> Typically the operator can flag your account so MMS is *always* sent to you 
> as MMS, whether or not your device is known to support MMS.

Maybe yes, maybe no. The other truth is that most modem vendors currently focus 
on Internet access functionality. I.e. Sierra Wireless modems does not support 
USSD commands. Operator may fall back to SMS notification if device does not 
respond to a push in a specific period of time. Maybe one need use some vendor 
specific AT command to activate receiving of push notifications. After all I'm 
here arguing about something I'm not able to verify. It needs be tested by 
someone with Huawei modem.

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