> First thing to do is to make kannel to see an incoming mms
> notification (wap-push) and dispatch it via the proper service to mbuni.

> If you don't see ANY incoming message in kannel, that could mean one of two:

> - something is broken in the delivery chain before kannel (you can
> check this by removing a SIM card from modem, placing it in a phone
> and checking if you receive incoming MMS messages)

> - Huawei modems do not support incoming wap push messages (in that
> case the only solution I can think about is to change your modem)

> As for dispatch part: you have two concurrent services defined in
> kannel. There is a chance they will compete for the same message so
> it will never be routed to mbuni. So remove the first service
> definition until you will be able to receive an MMS. Then you can
> make your config more complex again.

After half an hour I got in smsbox logs:

2011-04-18 07:18:55 [9017] [4] INFO: Starting to service <Nowa
wiadomosc multimedialna od +48xxxxxxxx na http://foto.plus.pl MMS_id:
xxxxxxxx haslo: xxxxxxx> from <Centrum MMS> to <+48xxxxxxxxx>

This means I got sms msg that I have a new mulitmedia msg that I can
download form the website.

As far as I understand this means that my operator couldn't send MMS
directly due to incompatible the hardware/missing configuration.

I've tried to test different op (Orange) and the result seems to be
the same (sms works both ways, no recieving mms)

I will try using only one rule to see if it makes any difference but I
don't think it will help.

I already ordered  OPTION iCON 505 MODEM so I will see if there will
be any difference in behaviour.


Stanislaw Czech

NOWATEL Sp. z o.o.

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