On 2011-04-18, at 09:32, Stanisław Czech wrote:
> I have no problems sending and recieving sms, and sending MMS but i
> can't recieve any  MMS. Does anyone have some clues where there can be
> a problem? smsbox see's nothing when I send mms from a mobile to the mbuni's
> modem.
> In kannel.conf I have:
> group = sms-service
> keyword-regex = .*
> catch-all = true
> max-messages = 0
> get-url = http://localhost/run.php
> concatenation = true
> group = sms-service
> keyword = default
> catch-all = true
> get-url = http://localhost:13014/?text=%b
> max-messages = 0
> concatenation = true

First thing to do is to make kannel to see an incoming mms notification 
(wap-push) and dispatch it via the proper service to mbuni.

If you don't see ANY incoming message in kannel, that could mean one of two:

- something is broken in the delivery chain before kannel (you can check this 
by removing a SIM card from modem, placing it in a phone and checking if you 
receive incoming MMS messages)

- Huawei modems do not support incoming wap push messages (in that case the 
only solution I can think about is to change your modem)

As for dispatch part: you have two concurrent services defined in kannel. There 
is a chance they will compete for the same message so it will never be routed 
to mbuni. So remove the first service definition until you will be able to 
receive an MMS. Then you can make your config more complex again.

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