> I don't think there is a "secret". Receipt of the notification is
> *purely* via SMS. Which means that Mbuni hasn't even kicked in yet.
> Basically MMS reception at the network works like this: The operator
> MMSC checks (HLR, whatever) if receiving subscriber's device is
> MMS-capable.  If not, subscriber receive SMS (as you have done).
> This is the important bit. Typically the operator can flag your
> account so MMS is *always* sent to you as MMS, whether or not your device is 
> known to support MMS.

So it seems. Nevertheless could someone confirm that Option Icon
modems (like 505) have native MMS support? Or I will also need to
contact the operator to flag it as mms capable.


Stanislaw Czech
NOWATEL Sp. z o.o.

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