> I can only say, that it (505) works for me, but I'm using it on
> different network, so if it's an operator related issue, it may
> happen you will have the same problem with Option.

As I remember you used Orange and P4 sim's. I also have such sims so I
will be able to test it with these providers. If it would be operator
related issue, then at least we would know that there is something
more we can do with Huawei ;) I would be grateful if anyone outside
Poland with Huawei modem could confirm that it's able to receive mms
without operators involvement.

One more thing. What Mbuni really lacks,is the list of well tested and
supported m1 modem devices. IMHO using mobiles seems to be obsolete,
and the project should be focus mainly on supporting modems. By the
way, is there any PCI (or minipci) modem cards that are supported?


Stanislaw Czech
NOWATEL Sp. z o.o.

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