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> I've clipped the previous messages as this posting doesn't depend on them.
> Rob suggests the following queries be put to Hashtag/file loss posters. I've 
> added some choices to the file save destinations.  Are there other questions 
> that should be asked? Once we reach agreement on the questions I'm sure the 
> Forum will use this questionaire to gather information on hashtag/file loss 
> cases.
> 1) What AOO version is in use?
> 2) What OS version?
> 3) What file type (extension) was being saved?
> 4) Where was the file being saved?  Local Drive? USB stick?  Network drive? 
> External drive?
> 5) Is autosaved enabled?
> 6) When you returned to your computer was it in the same state?  For
> example, had you lost power?  Did the OS force a reboot?  Did your
> laptop hibernate?
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