Le 05/01/2014 17:05, Rob Weir a écrit :
It would be great to ask for information like this whenever someone
reports this kind of problem.  150 reports without this detail are
useless.  But even 10 reports with this detail might indicate a

1) What AOO version is in use?

2) What OS version?

3) What file type (extension) was being saved?

4) Where was the file being saved?  USB?  Network drive?

5) Is autosaved enabled?

6) When you returned to your computer was it in the same state?  For
example, had you lost power?  Did the OS force a reboot?  Did your
laptop hibernate?

Have you at least read the topic and the post with all the cases I've 
You'll see that most of these information are available. And each linked topic 
usually have also these information (with more details of course).
-> https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17677#p81363

Just anecdotally, and without deeper analysis, I see a number of
reports on OpenOffice and with Microsoft Office, where a USB memory
stick is being used.   Savvy users know how to properly remove a
memory stick.  But not all users do.  This can cause problems.

None of the 150+ cases I've recorded involve USB drives. Of course we know that 
case. That's why I've discarded them systematically.
NB: one more case this very day.

Another case to watch out for is old Wordperfect files.   A user saves
a WPD file, upgrades OOo 3.3.0 to AOO 4.0.1 and now their file won't
open.  But this is due to the loss of WPD support, not due to damage
to the file, though the symptoms look the same at first.

Again, just read the topic. Most of the files are ODF, some .doc. No exotic 
format like WPD.

Another thing to look for is a forced reboot, the kind that recent
versions of Windows do when installing a critical security patch.
Some antivirus software does this as well.  If you have a document
loaded in OpenOffice with unsaved changed, and have autosave enabled,
and leave your machine on for a week, with OpenOffice running, and a
system restart is forced, what will happen?  Is there a correlation to
problems in that scenario?

Even if the boot is forced, as I said, it would be understandable to lose the 
version that is currently under edition. But it is unacceptable to lose the 
saved file.

I know that this is a difficult problem but please stop trying to find a 
If nobody wants to investigate, I don't have any problem as long as I don't 
suffer from this issue.
But then, just accept the rants from users who lost important data.
NB: I've switched from MS Word to OOo after I lost data. If I ever face this 
problem, that would be the end of my use of AOO. Users want reliability first. 
All the nice features you can put in an application will never counterbalance 
any important data loss.


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