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>> Le 05/01/2014 17:05, Rob Weir a écrit :
>>> It would be great to ask for information like this whenever someone
>>> reports this kind of problem.  150 reports without this detail are
>>> useless.  But even 10 reports with this detail might indicate a
>>> pattern.
>>> 1) What AOO version is in use?
>>> 2) What OS version?

2.1) When was the last time you updated your OS?

>>> 3) What file type (extension) was being saved?
>>> 4) Where was the file being saved?  USB?  Network drive?
>>> 5) Is autosaved enabled?
>>> 6) When you returned to your computer was it in the same state?  For
>>> example, had you lost power?  Did the OS force a reboot?  Did your
>>> laptop hibernate?

A huge user error with less skilled users is failure to update OS.  As I 
remember from the dark days of using Windoz it was not unusual for there to be 
a couple of patches every week.

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