Hagar Delest wrote:
I'm fed up with this kind of discussion, so last post in
this discussion.

This is not the right attitude, we have a bug that is very hard to reproduce so all the information we can get is important.


The hashes problem happens per file, right? We even had a user who reported in this thread that all files were displaying hashes, but I think that the occurrences reported so far are all about a single lost file (I had a look at the one from today and that is the impression I got).

I did a test following Rory's ideas: I have a virtual machine where I can run OpenOffice. I opened a document that takes long to load/save, modified it slighty, gave the "Save" command and, when that was still in progress, I "destroyed" (equivalent of a forced poweroff, i.e., pulling power cord) the machine. Upon reboot, I restarted OpenOffice, I was presented with a recovery screen, recovery was successful, my changes had been lost but the original document was recovered. So I wasn't able to reproduce the problem even with this simulation.


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