Dear Itamar,

I would like to add a request for the new upper coming version 3.2 if possible:

Although some of you use spice instead of VNC, as I am an Ubuntu user on my desktop and laptop, spice protocol is not working withing my OS; even if I tried to build it from source, search unofficial deb packs or convert if from rpm packages. I know spice is strongly supported on the Fedora community, but I, myself on the server side work on RH Enterprise and Centos, but as for desktop use, I have a very hard time make the spice plugin for firefox to work.

Therefore for my solution I had setup a VNC reflector + some shell automation to make it work between 2 different subnets (one inside and one outside) -- this, somehow, adding to the initial scope.

This would have been much more easier to have a VNC proxy inside the ovirt engine function, from where to make the necessary setups and assignments of the console to each VM, or even though I might sound funny to make a solution as vrde on Vbox, because works damn great and it's easy to setup or change.

Last question, If I might ask, when is the 3.2 planned to be released (aprox)?


On 01/03/2013 06:08 PM, Itamar Heim wrote:
Hi Everyone,

as we wrap oVirt 3.2, I wanted to check with oVirt users on what they find good/useful in oVirt, and what they would like to see improved/added in coming versions?

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