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This certainly works. Console can be reached via a browser plugin or 
Virt-Viewer (available for Windows). Self-hosted engine is the way to 
go, and is production-ready, especially if you want to add more nodes later. 

On 14/04/16 03:33, Michael Hall wrote: 
> Yes but what about the student sitting on the Windows machine in the 
> lab who wants to install and interact with her VM via it's GUI ... 
> like is possible in Virtual Machine Manager on RHEL/CentOS 7 ... 
> except she'd be doing it remotely via an in-browser console ... like 
> Digital Ocean do for example. 

I dont think digital ocean is the correct analogy. 
As a digital ocean user, I have console in which I can create vms, right? But 
who installed the virtualization software for that? 
If you're thinking of a digital ocean, the analogy should be a provider that 
exposes ovirt web admin/user portal as management console to its customers. 


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