On 02/03/2017 10:54 AM, Ralf Schenk wrote:
> Hello,
> I upgraded my cluster of 8 hosts with gluster storage and
> hosted-engine-ha. They were already Centos 7.3 and using Ovirt 4.0.6
> and gluster 3.7.x packages from storage-sig testing.
> I'm missing the storage listed under storage tab but this is already
> filed by a bug. Increasing Cluster and Storage Compability level and
> also "reset emulated machine" after having upgraded one host after
> another without the need to shutdown vm's works well. (VM's get sign
> that there will be changes after reboot).
> Important: you also have to issue a yum update on the host for
> upgrading additional components like i.e. gluster to 3.8.x. I was
> frightened of this step but It worked well except a configuration
> issue I was responsible for in gluster.vol (I had "transport socket,
> rdma")
> Bugs/Quirks so far:
> 1. After restarting a single VM that used RNG-Device I got an error
> (it was german) but like "RNG Device not supported by cluster". I hat
> to disable RNG Device save the settings. Again settings and enable RNG
> Device. Then machine boots up.
> I think there is a migration step missing from /dev/random to
> /dev/urandom for exisiting VM's.

Sorry about this trouble. Please file a bug about this, we will likely
need some Vdsm + Engine fixes.


Francesco Romani
Red Hat Engineering Virtualization R & D
IRC: fromani

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