Thanks Derek,
                        GitHub or GitLab probably.

                Paul S.
From: Derek Atkins <>
Sent: 27 May 2020 15:50
To: Gianluca Cecchi <>
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Subject: [ovirt-users] AutoStart VMs (was Re: Re: oVirt 4.4.0 Release is now 
generally available)

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(Sorry if you get this twice -- looks like it didn't like the python
 script in there so I'm resending without the code)

Gianluca Cecchi <> writes:

> Hi Derek,
> today I played around with Ansible to accomplish, I think, what you currently
> do in oVirt shell.
> It was the occasion to learn, as always, something new: as "blocks" in Ansible
> dont' support looping, a workaround to get that.
> Furthermore I have a single host environment where it can turn usefull too...

I found the time to work on this using the Python SDK.  Took me longer
than I wanted but I think I've got something working now.  I just
haven't done a FULL test, yet, but a runtime time on the online system
works (I commented out the start call).

I still have two files, a which is a config file that
contains the list of VMs, in order, and then the main program itself
( which is based on several of the examples available in

Unfortunately I can't seem to send the script in email because it's
getting blocked by the redhat server -- so I have no idea the best way
to share it.


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