On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 12:07 AM <tho...@hoberg.net> wrote:
> I honestly don't know, because I have not tried myself, so you might just 
> want to stop reading right here.

Same here :-)

> But from what I understand about the design philosophy of oVirt, it should be 
> ok to change it, while nobody probably ever tested it and everybody would 
> tell you it's a bad idea to do so, unless you're willing to rebuild from 
> scratch.
> The reason it *should* be ok is that the nodes don't care about the 
> management engine.
> They care only about the information on the shared cluster storage.
> How that gets there, who changes it: They couldn't care less.

I mostly agree.

I am not sure about OVS/OVN. If you do use it, pay extra attention in
your tests, before trying this on your production setup.

> Yet, I believe I have seen events being reported back to the management 
> engine via REST API calls, referring to the management engine via URIs that 
> should have been using FQDN only. So there is some biliateral communication 
> going on, mostly asynchronous as far as I can see and not using IPs.


If you see anything accessing the engine machine using its IP address
directly, not through its FQDN, I'd consider it a bug. If such a bug
exists in any part of oVirt, please file one. Thanks!

As mentioned, not sure about OVS/OVN. If it's indeed so, I'd still
consider it a bug, but perhaps it won't be fixed (I am not a
networking expert, not sure). I can also see why people might claim
that OVS/OVN requires such an exception, even in principle (even if
technically you can change it to use names and rely on name

> What I can tell you, is that /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 has 
> NM_CONTROLLED=no inside, so nmtui won't go near it. You can change that, 
> delete the line, edit the config... and hopefully it will live.

I assume you refer to the appliance, on hosted-engine.

In a standalone engine, we do not really care - it's up to the admin
to configure networking etc.
Generally speaking, you should follow OS docs. I think that with
NM_CONTROLLED=no, you can simply edit the file (or update DHCP), and
restart networking (or just reboot).

> And in case things go seriously wrong, you should be able to fix it with 
> hosted-engine --console
> But, again, I never tried it myself.
> But I use DHCP on two out of four farms...

In any case: Please test carefully before doing this on production.

Good luck and best regards,
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