Hi Doug,

Great to hear about your progress.  My responses in-line.

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>I have almost finished converting my old Flex browser app to FlexJS (js
>only), but I have 4 problems left that I can't find a way to convert. Can
>anyone help to suggest a way to go with these items?
>1. Application.parameters - I need to pass variables into the app on

I don't think we have a generic bead for this, but ASDoc is using the
EscapedFragmentBead because it is looking for a particular pattern in the
parameters.  You can probably copy it and tune it for your needs and even
contribute the results back to the framework.
>2. container.stage.stageWidth/stageHeight - I need to find the browser
>window's size.

I think you can use BrowserResizeListener.
>3. [Embed(systemFont ... etc)]

What is your goal with embedding the font for JS?  What benefit did it
give you in Flex?
>4. This one I'm sure is straightforward but I can't work out how to do it
>       Convert a skin for ButtonBar. I assume I need to create a renderer for
>firstButton, middleButton and lastButton that are specified in the
>skin. But how do I connect the renderers to the individual buttons in the

We haven't created a Factory for having a different renderer for first and
last items.  ButtonBar is a List.  Lists use a DataItemRendererFactory*
class depending on the data type.  The DataItemRendererFactory classes
currently only take one itemRendererFactory. I suggest copying the one you
want, adding two more itemRendererFactories and modifying the code inside
that to create the right renderer at the right time.  That would also be a
great thing to contribute back to the framework.

Let us know if you need help or have questions.

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