For problems like these, the first question is:  How do you do it in the
browser at all (without Royale)?

I think the answer is @font-face.  If that's true, the way we handle this
right now is to have you use a custom html template.  The ASDoc example is
using one.


On 3/6/18, 8:30 PM, "doug777" <> wrote:

>OK I'll take a look as suggested.
>Re EmbedFont : Actually it's not that important. We use it to get special
>characters e.g.
>[Embed(systemFont="Arial", fontName="currencyFont",
>mimeType="application/x-font", fontFamily="Arial Regular",
>unicodeRange="U+20A1-20B9", embedAsCFF="false")]
>And some similar things from foreign language fonts.
>All the characters can be replaced with a standard letter equivalent. Not
>quite as nice, but no big deal.
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