We are open for improvements in case of Moonshine! Shoot us anything what
you have on GitHub :) Just one more thing, because you have mentioned in
your first email in that chain FlexJS, so are you not using Royale but
older FlexJS ?

Thanks a lot!,

2018-03-07 7:02 GMT+01:00 doug777 <>:

> Hi Piotr,
> I hope I can do that but I think I'm still some way from finishing.
> Although
> I've been testing snippets as I've gone along, I'm pretty sure there will
> still be lots of problems once it all has to work together. But I can't
> test
> that till I can get the whole thing to compile.
> But having got this far I am very confident that it will all work
> eventually. I'm really keen to see how close it will be in looks and
> functions to the original Flex project.
> And I have to say how much I'm enjoying doing it all in Moonshine. It's
> still a little bit buggy, but I love using it and it keeps getting better
> and better. Really hope to see version 1.10 soon!!
> Doug
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