It seems like in:
parameters.put("filter", filter);

the filter object is the instance of class, I guess if
you implement toString() correctly within this object that might help, also
instead of object,  try supplying a String as an

Good luck.

Flavius wrote:
> I have two pages, a list page and a detail.  The list page
> can take a filter parameter, or has a default one if one
> is not passed (making it bookmarkable).  When the user
> clicks to go to the detail page, I want to pass that
> filter along, so that when an edit is complete, the
> page can redirect back to the list page with the same
> filter intact.  I also want the detail page to be bookmarkable.
> If the detail page gets the filter, it simply passes it back.  If
> not, that's fine too.
> I can accomplish this easily by creating a PageParameters:
> PageParameters parameters = new PageParameters();
> parameters.put("filter", filter);
> BookmarkablePageLink link = new BookmarkablePageLink(name,
> MyDetailPage.class, parameters);
> And this works fine.  But I don't like the way
> the URL is created like this:
> http://localhost/pages/MyDetailPage/item/20/filter/
> If the page is bookmarked, the Filter obj doesn't matter anyway.
> I understand why it's there, I'm just trying to figure out a prettier URL,
> like
> when I pass a parameter on the requestCycle, setting the response page
> and passing the parameters obj in there.
> I've thought of overriding the onClick event for BookmarkablePageLink, but
> it's final.  Another option was to pass it on the request or the session. 
> That
> would be the last option.
> Any insight would be appreciated.

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