Providing modules for others. And also providing an environment for third-
party modules. See for example:

On Mon, 20 Jul 2009 08:29:51 +0300, Martin Makundi wrote:

> What are you aiming at? Providing modules to others or building software
> to your client/own company?
> In my opinnion modules are good for the public but not for internal /
> sophisticated (=educated) use.
> **
> Martin
> 2009/7/20 Sam Stainsby <>:
>> I'm probably revealing my inexperience with J2EE environments in asking
>> this, but how do Wicket programmers typically handle application "add-
>> ons" (or "plug-ins" or "modules").
>> I'm interested in emulating what happens in the Zope/Plone world (which
>> is where I've come from). In the case of Zope, you have a tool called
>> 'buildout' and configuration file (buildout.cfg) where you can, among
>> other things, tell buildout what modules/plug-ins you want to install.
>> You then run the buildout script, which will take care of finding
>> dependencies, downloading your modules and dependencies and installing
>> them into the right place. Then the next time you run Zope, those
>> modules are available.
>> Buildout used in this way is a tool used by sys admins after you have
>> deployed your Zope instance. A concrete example might be to add LDAP
>> authentication to Zope - this would involve using buildout to install
>> the correct modules, and then going into Zope and configuring the LDAP
>> components. I know it sounds very much like maven, and perhaps maven
>> can be used in this way. But generally I have considered maven to be a
>> developer tool - at least that is how I use it.
>> In my current case, I have created a web application framework built
>> using Wicket. I want to have a core component and the add-ons/plug-ins
>> such as LDAP authentication, CMS components, etc. that can be installed
>> easily into a generic Granite deployment.
>> Does that makes sense? How have Wicket people approached this?
>> Buidlout can also build and install modules you are developing, as well
>> as configure parts of Zope (such as the timezone). Sometime you just
>> use buildout to upgrade your modules. I'm interested in approaches that
>> encompass that as well. I'm not to fussed about having to restart the
>> server.
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