Seeing how it looks like you want to create your own CMS, you might want to have a look at Hippo CMS. They've built it in Wicket AFAIK.


Sam Stainsby wrote:
On Mon, 20 Jul 2009 09:10:57 +0200, Per Lundholm wrote:

Well, plug-ins, are they compile-time or run-time?  Sounds like
compile-time from your description.

Runtime I think if I understand you correctly. Suppose a sys admin has already deployed the war file for the core application and wants to add some functions.

Also, from your description, it sounds that it is more than web-tier.
Remember Wicket is web-tier only.

There are solutions for the server tier for plug-ins. Look att OSGi and ESB.

It could well be more than web-tier, but I thought if anyone has done this is would be a Wicket user :-) I looked at OSGi before I started my framework. I didn't see anything about deployment of add-ons/plug-ins. I already have a framework that incorporates IoC as a fundamental feature. Its the actual deployment of add-on functionality that interests me. ESB on first glance looks way too complicated, and I'm not sure it even does what I want.

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