Thank you for your thoughts Jeremy -- and your previous work on
WicketStuff.  I am certainly unhappy to hear that it felt like torture
and that junk was being dumped on you rather than getting support from
the community.

I'd volunteer to put a bit of time into this, but I don't have time to
be sole maintainer either.  Maybe there could be a small group who all
helped out - anyone else on this list willing to step up?

I already offered to fix and update the TinyMCE module, but that is
currently stalled since the necessary dependency is not in the
repository and I don't have permissions to add it.


On Wed, 2010-03-17 at 16:21 -0500, Jeremy Thomerson wrote:

> I tried.  I don't have the time it takes.  With the free-for-all access that
> is given to it, people consistently commit inconsistent junk that they don't
> ever intend on maintaining in there.  Feel free to take over - most of the
> reorganization work is already done for you - by me.  You can pick up where
> I left off and carry the torture stake as far as you want.

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