I do also think that it's because Wicket is not a managed framework :
everything is simple unmanaged POJOs except for your classes extending
WebPage which are "managed". I've juste had a quick look at JSF 2.0 and
never worked with it - but I worked with Wicket - so I did not expected
Wicket JEE6 integration to be a drop in replacement for JSF. I do think
Wicket is an alternative framework for JEE6, not a replacement of the
reference framework.

On one hand JSF2 assumes that you are running a JEE6 AS, so it is tightly
integrated with CDI, and you got all the cool stuff like injection, scopes,
bean validation, etc. On the other hand, Wicket doesn't assume anything
except a web container implementing the servlet spec, so it can't have all
the cool stuff of CDI because it's not built around CDI.

I think the next step to make Wicket JEE6 integration going further is to
provide some Maven quickstart archetypes, the Weld team is looking for
contributors : http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/WeldArchetypesInTheSpotlight

Now that I have something working, and when I will have some spare time, my
next step is to create an archetype for Glassfish. And if some people on
this list have some time, their help is of course welcome :)

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