On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 9:54 PM, James Carman

> Did you not look at what I put together?  I've already got all the
> injection stuff (and conversations) working and I've got example
> applications illustrating it.
I tried to look at it but couldn't access the subversion repo because of
timeouts. Atter looking at the code of weld-wicket and seeing that it was
just a small amount of code, it was relatively easy to figure out what is
was doing and disable the long-lived conversations support.

The URL I am trying is:
Can you make sure the URL is working again? I will then have a look at it.
The aim would be for an implementation that is completely independent of
weld, i.e. does not use any weld core classes and only uses standard CDI
APIs and wicket APIs. (to avoid the problem of having to patch the
application server).

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