On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 10:37 PM, James Carman

> It's apparently down again.  That's what I get for "hosting" my server
> at my in-law's house.  Cheaper isn't necessarily better.  If you want,
> I can email you the code.
You can mail the code to me.  If it's not too much code, you can also mail
it to the list I guess.

I think in general, the code should become part of a wicket-cdi project just
like wicket-spring and wicket-guice already are. I think the wicket
community is probably a better place to maintain this then the weld project.
This is because the code could use internal wicket APIs which are more prone
to change than the CDI APIs which is a standard. So we would catch problems
in the implementation much earlier. It feels a bit like stealing but I am in
any case really grateful for the work done by the weld project. This is
surely going to save a lot of people some time because standard Java EE
capabilities can be used in wicket.

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