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> in the end we have to figure out if the added simplicity is worth the
> headache it brings for more complex usecases.

I don't think it is.  Keeping the two hierarchies in sync is not really that
difficult.  The funny thing about the proposed approach is that it is in an
effort to make things "simpler".  But, as you pointed out, the more complex
things won't work with the proposed approach (without probably some huge
amount of hacks).  So, the complex stays complex, and is then inconsistent
with how all the other stuff works.

I just really don't see the benefit in this.  I've taught tons of people
Wicket, and keeping the hierarchy in sync is hardly ever the thing that
makes it difficult for people to learn or use.  The only time I've seen it
be an issue is with Borders.

Jeremy Thomerson
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